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Monday, March 20, 2006

In Defense of Chartock

I have to say this about Alan Chartock. Although I do not share his liberal mindset and believe it's a mistake for him to let it show on the air, he is the only local broadcaster willing to do something about our seriously flawed justice system.

In particular I speak of the Jack Carroll case in Rensselaer County. Like many others, I believe Carroll was railroaded to jail eight years ago by a Rensselaer County DA who seems to care only about convictions no matter what she has to do or say to get them. She's been cited over and over for prosecutorial misconduct. I was very happy to have had a small part in her defeat in the election of Bob Jacon as Rensselaer County Judge.

Chartock is the only local broadcaster who has been willing to give the case the airing it deserves. Chartock moderated two, hour long discussion programs on the Jack Carroll case on WAMC. Many listeners to those programs came away believing, as I do, that Carroll was probably innocent and did not get a fair trial.

So let's give Alan the credit he deserves. I wonder what other area radio or TV station manager could go on the air and persuade listeners and viewers to donate the money needed to keep their stations running.

Ernie Tetrault-Justice Now


  • You make a good point. Other than Carl Stock, Chartock has been the only local media person to do something about the Carroll case.

    By Blogger Dan Weaver, at 6:00 AM  

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