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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Canajoharie, NY A Model Village

The Village of Canajoharie seems to have a vision of its future that is rare among the many villages and cities in the Mohawk Valley. The village has a master plan in place, has put a moratorium on certain types of development until more planning can be done, and has built a beautiful park and pavilion next to the river. It has a beautiful new high school and the Canajoharie Library and Art Museum, one of the best small art museums in the country, is undergoing expansion.

After ten years of study, the bridge over the Mohawk River between Canajoharie and Palatine Bridge is going to be replaced. A lot of thought has gone into the bridge, and it sounds like it is going to be one of the best bridges on the Mohawk River. It will have a walkway for pedestrians on both sides of the bridge. It will also have “bumpouts” on both sides of the bridge with benches for people who want to sit and rest or contemplate the river.

Canajoharie suffers somewhat from having the Beech-Nut Factory in its downtown. Also the State hurt Canajoharie by running the Thru-Way right through it, instead of around it. Nevertheless, Canajoharie is doing a good job at keeping its historic charm while continuing to add to its beauty.


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