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Thursday, February 23, 2006

VP Dick Cheney & Assemblyman Paul Tonko

The unflappable, affable, unbeatable Assemblyman Paul Tonko of Amsterdam is known best for appearing in photos in all of the local newspapers. These photo-ops include visits to the region by other politicians, local disasters, kindergarten graduations, confirmations, boy scout groups, you name it.

This past week Mr. Tonko has actually suggested a piece of new legislation. Never one to miss an opportunity, the Assemblyman wants a new law that requires New York State hunters to report accidents and to report them in a timely fashion. So Dick Cheney shoots his buddy in Texas and our Assemblyman uses it to get in the news. Our first question is how many hunting accidents don't get reported? How many don't get reported in a timely fashion? Will a piece of legislation make a difference?

It seems to me that when a hunter gets injured, what is most important is that he gets to the the hospital in a hurry and gets proper treatment.


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