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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

View Muslim Cartoon Here. What Might Have Happened If The Press Had Dared To Print Them.

If you want to see the cartoons that have set the Muslim world and Danish embassies on fire, view my earlier posts.

I commented earlier on why I thought the American press should have printed the cartoons. Now I would like to project what might have happened if they had been printed nationwide. No doubt, there would have been protests--non-violent ones by responsible, intelligent Muslims and violent ones by fanatical Muslims.

I would welcome both kinds of protests. Here's why. Non-violent protests are part of the American way and would give moderate Muslims the opportunity to show that they have embraced our system of democracy. Printing the cartoons would bring fanatical Muslims out of the closet. They would engage in violence, which would give the police and FBI a chance to round them up without using illegal wire taps, iffy sting operations and other unconstitutional means to capture them. A few people might get hurt in the process, but a lot more are going to get hurt if we don't get the radical segment of Islam under control.


  • The pictures were ridiculous.

    Freedom of speech doesn't mean insulting someone's religion.

    The prophet peace be upon him is dear to us. And as Muslims, we aren't allowed to meant to draw pictures of other prophets e.g. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and we are not allowed to disrespect other religions.

    By Blogger Muslim, at 7:45 AM  

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