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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Upstream Now Available At Two Cyber News Stands

After trying unsuccessfully to access last night for several hours, it became apparent that I need to let readers of Upstream know that Upstream can also be read at

Essentially, these are mirror sites with minor differences. The advantage to the wordpress site is that articles can be categorized. In essence that means posts are indexed by subject matter, making it possible to click on a category and read every post on that subject matter. Wordpress also makes it possible to search for a word or phrase and find every post on that subject. This makes finding old posts a lot easier than reading through old archives.

I am still in the process of categorizing the older posts. I was not going to say anything about until after I had all of the posts categorized. But the fact that I could not access Upstream on blogspot or any other blogspot blog tonight made me decide to announce it now.

I cut and paste the posts from so you are getting the same posts. However, I am not transferring the comments because of the amount of work involved. There may be some other bugs as well, but we will work them out as time goes on.


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