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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Trying it out!

You know what you do when you step up to a microphone and you're not sure the mike is on? Usually I blow on it a few times and see if I hear the sound come back at me from the speaker. Then maybe I say ""

Well that's what I'm doing right. Testing to see if this blog is on. Dan, very graciously has invited the folks from Justice Now to post now and then on this very excellent blog. I intend to do just that and I hope some of our other JN people will also because I know they have a lot to say about what we think are some very serious problems in our justice system. I'll be writing something very soon.

In the meantime I hope you watch our Justice Now and Metro programs, Sundays at 11AM on Cable Channel4 WNYA. If you don't have cable you can pick us up on VHF Channel 15.


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