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Monday, February 06, 2006

Justice Now's Improved Web Site

If you haven’t stopped by the Justice Now web site in awhile, I urge you to do so. The webmaster has done a good job making the site look more professional. You will also see that a post from Upstream made it on their front page.

More importantly, if you have never read about the case of Jack Carroll from Troy who is in prison, not only for a crime that he did not commit, but for a crime that never took place, you can read about it there in full detail.

Actually, Jack is in prison for a crime that was committed. That crime was committed by D. A. Patricia DeAngelis, Judge Patrick McGrath, Detective Steven Weber, State Trooper Edward Girtler, Jane Szary, and “expert” witness Eileen Treacy, who was also responsible for sending Kelly Michaels to prison. (Kelly is now free.)

The troubling thing is that when Jack is finally freed, no one will be held accountable for the crime committed against him. Sure, Rennselaer County taxpayers will pay him something for his pain and suffering, but Patricia DeAngelis, Eileen Treacy and the rest will go scott free, free to prey on other innocent victims

By the way, Justice Now’s site contains information on other cases where people have been falsely accused.

Consider giving a donation also. Unless you are Michael Jackson or O. J. Simpson, the State can always outspend you, when you are on trial.

The road to justice is not a freeway; it’s a toll road.


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