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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Insomnia. A semi-stream-of-semi-consciousness post.

On the upside of the manic coaster--surgery tomorrow--routine outpatient. Dr. Tan’s going to roto-rooter my sinuses, straighten out my deviated septum, put in plastic stents, pack my nose with some goo and send me home.

Should I blog tomorrow under the influence of pain killers?

What about?

America’s obsession with the breast? The Grand Tetons of Dolly Parton? Why are there 20 articles on breast cancer for every article on ovarian? Postage stamp for breast cancer? None for ovarian? Check off on NYS tax form for breast cancer research? None for ovarian? No early detection test for ovarian cancer. Not usually caught until stage three. Hysterectomy--instant menopause.

Pop Down From The Mountain into the CD player.

(Track Two)
“Oh the buzzing of the bees
And the cigarette trees.”

Now that a female has gone postal and taken out eight people, will NOW acknowledge that women are closing the gender gap?

(Track Four)
“The lonesome sound of the train going by
Makes me want to cry”

In .83257 percent (or some such oddball number) of patients undergoing Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), the knife penetrates whatever separates the sinuses from the brain.

“But what I want to know Dr. Tan, is how many have you penetrated?”

“Two in thirteen years. If it happens, we patch it up right away. There is a slight chance you could get meningitis.”

(Track 8)
“I want to shake my Savior’s hand
I want to sing that rock-n-roll.
I want to electrify my soul”

Cleaned the bathroom. Swept the floor. Brought in six bags of pellets. Burned the trash. Cleaned out the wood stove. Emptied the vacuum cleaner. Answered all of my e-mail. Read my daily reading from The Message:

“God, God!
Why did you dump me
miles from nowhere?
Doubled up with pain, I call to God
all the day long. No answer. Nothing.
I keep at it all night, tossing and turning.”

Blog about the mystery of suffering? Not likely. Job, Augustine and Rabbi Kushner couldn’t see behind that curtain. You learn from suffering. It is a source of creativity and redemption. Yes, but only when it comes in small amounts. Like medicine, an overdose can kill you. What did we learn and who was redeemed by six million Jews turned into soap, lampshades and ashes?

Called and talked to my daughter. Love my daughter. Love my sons. “All my children are thoroughbreds.“

Re-read the doctor’s instructions. Take a shower. Wear loose fitting clothing. Have the goodwife drive you home.

(Track 10)
“You turn water to whiskey
That’s what the preacher say
Lord I need a miracle
To get me through the day”

Another blog idea. We are a nation that believes in the rule of law. (Repeat 10x or as often as necessary to transform this statement into the truth).

Rather we are a nation that believes in the rule of laws. Too many laws. Too many laws destroys the law. Too many laws turn too many people into criminals, which is why The United States now has a larger gulag archipelago than any nation in the world, including Russia.

It wasn’t the bed that was on fire when I lay down on it Mr. Fulghum, it was my brain. The mind on fire. Thunder in the Winter. Lightning in a blizzard. A rainbow in a clear sky.

“Dr. Tan, don’t let me be number three.”

Shut off the CD player. Pop an Andy Griffith episode into the DVD player. Lay down. I’ll sleep now. Entering Mayberry--City of Lost Boyhoods.

Sheriff Taylor’s on patrol.

Aunt Bee’s in the kitchen, making apple pie.


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