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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To kill or not to kill? This shouldn't be the question.

One thing in life I have a very strong opinion and feelings about is abortion. And in this entry I'd like to reflect a little on it. According to the dictionary a fetus is "In humans, the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth, as distinguished from the earlier embryo. ". A fetus is a fancy scientific word people like to use to make it sound as if a baby is not a living being. But in fact, the definition of fetus says "the unborn young". So in actuality a fetus is an unborn human being. To be born according to the dictionary means "Brought into life by birth. " It states "brought into life". Not "becomes a life". I've had a handful of people I've known over the last two years that have had abortions. I feel every living thing should have the chance to be somebody and make something of themselves. Many people argue that if the baby is brought into this world it will not have a good home environment. This may be true but a living being should be given the chance to be able to make the best of their situation. Not too mention, I don't believe that I or anyone else would want someone deciding whether I live or die. My friends seem to argue with me the fact that it is their body and their choice. It is their body. But it contains another human being inside of it. A separate body. For all we know, maybe the person who was going to stop world hunger was aborted.
Abortion is also sickeningly cruel. The methods are absolutely disgusting. And I personally find it disturbing that it can be expressed so simply in an encyclopedia. The most common type of abortion is suction-aspiration. Otherwise known as "vacuum abortion". For the abortion, suction from an electric pump is used to remove the "fetus" or "embryo". For a late abortion a method is used often called intact dilation and extraction which requires surgical decompression of the "fetus's" head before the evacuation. The hysterotonomy abortion is said by Wikipedia to be "similar to a caesarian section but ending with a dead fetus, can also be used at late stages of pregnancy." Well, this brings an interesting thought to my mind. If supposedly a fetus is not a living being than how can it result in being dead?



  • You've made some good points, Rachel. I could write pages in support of what you've presented here, but I'll limit myself to two personal observations.

    First, in my almost-60 years, I have known several women who have had abortions. Every one (not most, but every) regrets having killed her unborn child.

    Second, there are numerous support groups, web sites, and healing classes devoted to helping women who are grieving after an abortion. Many of these women had abortions many years ago, and yet they still are tortured by what they have done. If abortion is "right", and also a woman's "right", why do so many women suffer and grieve after having had one?

    By Anonymous NumberWise, at 4:31 PM  

  • I would like to caution against using Wikipedia and the dictionary as sources to support a scientific opinion on where life begins. Your article relies more on semantics than facts (about which there are many to be had, put forth often by the pro-life movement) and while this is fine to support your own personal feelings on the issue, it is worth mentioning there is a pretty clear distinction in the abortion debate between moral/belief arguments and scientific arguments on either side.

    That being said, I really enjoy the site and the thought-provoking posts, and the fact that you Rachel are a contributor (I was begining to think I was the youngest upstate blogger out there!) I look forward to reading more.

    Natalie from YorkStaters

    By Blogger York Staters, at 11:34 AM  

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