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Thursday, January 19, 2006


I figured I might reflect some on the stereotypes of school. Not only high school, but middle school and even sometimes elementary. The entertainment industry seems to exaggerate in the eyes of the public what stereotypes are like in schools. Honestly thou, it's not much different. The jocks, well they have it made honestly. They are rewarded for being physically strong. For being able to throw a ball thru two bars. Whereas the smart people or as some say "the nerds" are criticized instead of congratulated with awards on there intelligence. Jocks do tend to be stuck up. I'm friends with only one jock from my school. We don't really even talk much but he's fairly nice. Although very superficial. The preps, well the teachers love them because they're so nice and pleasant to them. Although to the other people at school, we're ridiculed for being different and not being friendly. Me for instance, I listen to different music. I'm not friendly with people. I honestly really don't care much for other's problems since they never seem to care about mine. Sometimes I think about if I was born with more enthusiasm? Or with a competitive streak? Or maybe if I was black? Would any of these things make me a better person? No. But I would be accepted. I'm a smart person. I'm wasting my brain thou right now. I have no use for it anymore. Things never seem to get any better, and I have no friends to really talk to...but I'll stop complaining. I don't think I'm in much of a mood to really talk about things with proper sanity. I hope some of my thoughts made sense though.


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