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Friday, January 13, 2006

Route 30 In Amsterdam Does Need Sidewalks.

I travel Route 30 in the City and Town of Amsterdam everday. I rarely drive up Route 30 without seeing someone walking along the side of the road. Yesterday, it was three people including a baby in a carriage. For the safety of the people who walk the road, sidewalks are needed. A sidewalk would only be needed on one side of the road. I rarely see anyone walking beyond Wallins Corner Road, so it would probably only be necessary to bring a sidewalk from the city to Wallins Corner.

Those of us with cars forget how difficult it is for people in Amsterdam, who don't own cars, to get around. Bus service is minimal, taxis are expensive and people don't give strangers rides anymore.

Years ago, when I had no car, and I worked up on Route 30, I used to walk the road. It was not safe then; it is even less safe now.


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