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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Hello, my name is Rachel Weaver. I'm 15 years old and the daughter of Daniel Weaver. My dad asked me if I wanted to post on his blog about high school, horses, my opinions, and whatever I wanted to. I go to Amsterdam High School. If you even want to call it a school. I do honestly like living in Amsterdam yet I can't stand most of the people in it. As most people already know. Last year I was in a placement home. Northeast Parent and Child Society. Today I'm just going to talk a little bit about what I do, I work with horses. I currently own a tri colored paint mare named Flicka. Every other day I go to Peaceful Acres. I'm training a pony there right now named Apache and working with PMU foals. For those who don't know what a PMU foal is, let me explain. Mares(female horses) are bred in order to get a hormone needed for the medication premarin for women. In result of being bred of course the mare has a baby(foal). There is no use for the foals since they can't be bred and so they are sent off to be slaughtered. Nanci Beryl of Peaceful Acres fostered six of these foals that were saved by Frank Weller of . These foals are scared to death of people. Its an accomplishment in itself to be able to pet them. Nanci is adopting one of the foals and a girl named Camille who works there is adopting another. I would love to adopt one but at the moment I'm not financially capable of doing so. So I just work with the foals trying to get them used to a person's presence. I enjoy working with animals, especially problem animals. Animals listen where as people do not. Animals love you unconditionally and people do not. Animals appreciate you and what you do to help them and people normally don't.
I'm a writer. I mostly write poetry and journal. Eventually I'd like to write a book about my Grandmother. Like most people thou I'm great at putting things off.
Please check out my poems if you'd like at
I'll probally be blogging daily. Comments are always appreciated.
"Dying is an art like everything else..I do it exceptionally well"-Sylvia Plath


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