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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Contributors Wanted.

I am looking for some adults who would be willing to post to this blog. I am especially looking for people with a love for the Mohawk Valley and some expertise in a particular area (religion, law, politics, farming, entertainment, education, etc.). You would only have to write a minimum of two posts a month. Posts can be short or long. You can re-use material that you have written elsewhere, provided you own the copyright. This blog is a voluntary effort, but if you have a business or website you want to promote, you can do so in your posts or we can add it to our links.

Other requirements are good writing and proofreading skills. Most posts should have some connection to the Mohawk Valley, even if only indirectly. If you post a lot, then you can feel free to write some posts that have little or no connection to the Mohawk Valley. It does not matter what your political or religious orientation is.

Interesting, thoughtful posts are what we are most concerned about.

If you are interested, e-mail a sample post to me at


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