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Monday, December 26, 2005

Montgomery County Supervisor Beth Schumann On Supervisor Tom Dimezza.

"This is a perfect example of bully politics; it's my way or the high way," Schumann said. "Tom DiMezza is not about compromise, Tom DiMezza is not about government by the people for the people. Tom DiMezza is about government by the people for Tom DiMezza."

Schumann seems to have hit the nail on the head with her comments on DiMezza in Sunday's Leader-Herald. There are too many DiMezzas in the Mohawk Valley and not enough Schumanns.


  • Hear, hear!

    By Blogger threecollie, at 6:38 AM  

  • I guess that this blogzine is selective, picking and choosing what is said by other people. Obviously not a democratic system that allows freedom of speech. Schumann has difficulty getting her point across. DiMezza actually stands up for his constituants and has the ability to see what is right for this area. He has been a consistant face throughout the area and has brought many great accomplished ventures to this area (including jobs). What has Schumann done that makes her so special?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 PM  

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