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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ernie Tetrault, Carl Strock, Jack Carroll & Justice Now.

I appreciate Ernie Tetrault's response to my blog of Dec. 4, Roy Dumar & Civil Rights in Montgomery County. I am familiar with Jack Carroll's case and hope it gets overturned. If you are not familiar with Carroll's case and other people who have been wrongly imprisoned, check out Justice Now's web site. Paul Vandenburgh keeps making the silly statement that Jack Carroll must be guilty because two separate juries found him guilty. Over 250 people in the United States have had cases overturned based on new DNA evidence alone. Some of them sat in prison for a long time. One man was positively identified by a woman who said he repeatedly raped her, but after a quarter century in prison, DNA tests proved that another man raped her. Some of them were convicted with as little evidence as the police had against Jack Carroll. Some of these innocent people were found guilty by more than one jury. Some of them lost appeal after appeal.

This does not mean that most people in prison shouldn't be there. But enough innocent people have gone to prison and even been executed, that we need to think carefully about this issue. I believe that putting an innocent man or woman in prison is as much a criminal act as not punishing a guilty person. More should be done to rein in prosecutors like Patricia DeAngelis as well as those cops who are unethical in the way they deal with people. When Jack gets out of jail, and I believe he will, I hope he sues everone who had anything to do with putting him there.

Carl Strock has done a good job following this case and has presented powerful proof of Carroll's innocence. You can read all of his columns on Carroll at Justice Now.


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