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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fulton County Has Double Standard For Police & Teens When It Comes To Speeding

How can Fulton County expect teenagers to stop drag racing in the streets of Gloversville, when the local police set such a bad example with their driving? One teen was arrested recently for an accident that occurred during a drag race in which a passenger in his car was injured. Yet a half dozen cruisers in the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department have been wrecked in the past year due to imprudent speed by deputies, and little has happened. Just this week a state police cruiser crashed into a van in Fulton County, injuring a number of people. Eye witnesses said the police cruiser was going 100 mph. Not one deputy has been arrested, although all of the deputies are now required to take driving courses, and some will be disciplined. This is a double standard. If teens are going to be arrested for speeding, then the police ought to be also. Responding to an emergency does not give police the right to jeopardize peoples’ lives.


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