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Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Peter Porco Murder Case

As we approach the one year anniversary of the murder of law clerk, Peter Porco, it looks like his son Christopher might be indicted soon. While I wouldn't want to pre-judge the case, the mounting evidence does seem to point in his direction.

A side note to the case: while doing a google search on Peter Porco, I discovered another Peter Porco, a reporter in Alaska. About the same time that our Peter Porco was being murdered, the Alaskan Peter Porco was writing an article about guess what--a parent being murdered by a child. This time it was 16 year old Rachelle Waterman who hired two former boyfriends to kill her mother, essentially because she thought her mother was too strict. From Rachelle's on-line journal, however, one easily sees that she lacked for nothing. In both the Porco and the Waterman cases, it appears that self-absorbed, spoiled brats turned and bit the hand that fed them.


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